"Parking Tax" revisited...

Bruce Claassen

August 24, 2018

A couple of weeks ago, I posted an article regarding a new potential "parking tax" on churches and other non-profits.  Today I received a link to this article that does a really good job of explaining the issues, and why the authors believe that many churches will not be effected.  Like many other tax professionals, I scoffed at the idea that a church might have to pay a tax on the parking that it provides for it's employees, for many of the reasons the article discusses.  Frank and Elaine Sommerville take it several steps further, explaining how the code sections related to this area work together (or don't).

They are both CPA's and Frank is an attorney, who specialize in non-profit taxation, particularly as it relates to churches.  

Separating Fact From Fiction Regarding the 'Parking Lot Tax' - Understanding the new tax reform’s effects on employer-provided parking.



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